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Product Description

The Yamasaki MEC Mechanical Splice is designed for creating a stable connection between two fiber optic cables. Especially suitable for quick use by FTTH installers, it allows for shorter installation times, greater versatility and low optical loss.

Often used in FTTH, LAN and fiber optic repairs, the Yamasaki MEC Mechanical Splice is suitable for connecting both singlemode and multimode optical fiber with coatings of 250 or 900um. They can also be used for various styles of fiber including aerial, buried or building distribution, or alternatively used in conjunction with a pigtail to quickly add a connector in the field.

Each Yamasaki MEC Mechanical Splice has it own internal index matching gel and each splice can be re-used up to 5 times, The unique design allows for the completion of a low loss joint without the need for additional tuning. They come supplied in a pack of 5 splices in a convenient blister arrangement.

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