Products Empalmes de Fusion Fibre Optic Cleave Tool Y17


Product Description

The Yamasaki Y17 Fibre Optic Cleave Tool is designed to precisely cleave all 125m Multimode or Singlemode optical fibre. The high precision adjustable diamond blade can perform up to 48,000 cleaves with a typical cleave angle of 90 ± 0,5 °. The intuitive design of the single pass cleave mechanism ensure that the Yamasaki Y17 Fiber Optic Cleave Tool is quick, smooth and simple to operate.

The Y17 is also built to last, this cleave tool has reliability, dependability as the core features of its design. However not to forget usability, you just prepare the cleaver, load the fibre and cleave. Perfect, precise cleaves every time.

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