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Fusion Splicing VS Mechanical Splicing

When it comes to fiber optic splicing having a good understanding of what it is and how it works is very crucial especially for organizations and fiber optic technicians who are involved in LAN networking projects as well as the telecommunication industry. To put in simple ...


Testing Fibre Optic with OTDR

So you have managed to successfully install and terminate cables, its now time for testing. For every fibre optic cable plant you will be required to perform tests that touch on continuity, trouble shooting as well as end-to-end loss, after that you will be required to trouble...

EXFO feature Figure 1

How confident are you about your connector cleanliness?

At the turn of the millennium, fiber inspection was performed with a microscope. This required technicians to stick their eye on a potentially live fiber, which meant risking personal injury every time they had to assess fiber endface quality. In mid-2005, the eye care comm...

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